Thursday, 2 March 2017

Capstone (Week 4-7)
Over the last few weeks production has been moving well, and overall the animation is looking good. I have reached a little over the halfway mark, and by my estimates will easily be able to reach week 10 with the proposed final. I probably could have been further along however, I managed to lose my initial work when my USB broke down and had to start again. I still had my keyframes playblasted on my computer so as far as my capstone goes I did not lose much.

NXT Piece P1 (Week 4-7)
I put my NXT animation on the back burner for the last couple weeks as the work I had done previously had it near completion, Unfortunately because of the USB issue I had lost all the work for it. Re-starting however, proved to be beneficial, as with the new entry, I am moving along much faster and the work is looking nicer. Will have done by the end of this week.

Various reload animations P2 (Week 4-7)
I began work last week on my P2 and it was made immediately clear how fast this was going to go. I managed to finish half of one, in about 2 days. Should be able to get three done in a little over a week.

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