Thursday, 16 March 2017

Capstone (Week 9-10)
I managed to flesh out two more shots on my capstone and now leave very few (four) shots left to finish off. Then at week 11, will do touch ups alongside fingerwork, and clothwork.

P2 (Week 10)
I managed to complete each reload animation within one week. The only thing I will need to complete will be the changes Matt suggested, which was to remove the block background and put a target in for each.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Capstone (Week 4-7)
Over the last few weeks production has been moving well, and overall the animation is looking good. I have reached a little over the halfway mark, and by my estimates will easily be able to reach week 10 with the proposed final. I probably could have been further along however, I managed to lose my initial work when my USB broke down and had to start again. I still had my keyframes playblasted on my computer so as far as my capstone goes I did not lose much.

NXT Piece P1 (Week 4-7)
I put my NXT animation on the back burner for the last couple weeks as the work I had done previously had it near completion, Unfortunately because of the USB issue I had lost all the work for it. Re-starting however, proved to be beneficial, as with the new entry, I am moving along much faster and the work is looking nicer. Will have done by the end of this week.

Various reload animations P2 (Week 4-7)
I began work last week on my P2 and it was made immediately clear how fast this was going to go. I managed to finish half of one, in about 2 days. Should be able to get three done in a little over a week.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Capstone Week 1-3

For the first couple of weeks, I have managed to complete at least 60% of my keyframes for my animation, alongside doing touch ups on my initial storyboard and making better use of my camera shots. Still quite a long way to go in terms of actual animation, however am making a strong start nonetheless. Had a little bit of a issue where one rig broke and decided to change work view. Seems to have made a positive change.

P1 (Ubisoft NXT Challenge). Week 1-3

The ubisoft challenge is proving to be taking me less time to complete and overall i am enjoying more due how my keyframes are turning, should be completed soon.